Thursday, June 7, 2007

Modern Art Everyday ... New Jersey, USA

Artist: Nancy Veltri
Business: Modern Art Everyday
Web sites: and
Location: New Jersey, USA

What do you create?
I create clean modern art for the home in the form of prints on canvas,
fabric and paper.

Where and when do you do your creative work?
I am fortunate enough to have a home-based studio. For the most part, I try to stick to a 6.30am to 6pm workday. But I find that creativity strikes at any time of day or night, weekdays or weekends.

Do you have another "day job", or did you leave one to pursue your art?
I spent years in the corporate world. First I worked in NYC designing textiles for children's and adults' clothing. I then worked in consumer flooring, where I was part of an award-winning design team. But I became restless for more creative freedom so I left my "day job" and formed a partnership with my mother called 4 Tails Design Group. We specialize in graphic and web design for small businesses. I am the creative contributor and my mom is the technical guru. But my passion is Modern Art Everyday where I create a new piece of art every day.

Where and what did you study?
I studied surface pattern design at Syracuse University and I graduated with a BFA.

What inspires you and what motivates you?
I am inspired by nature, patterns, texture and color. I find beauty in simple, clean designs with a modern touch.

When did you start doing this?
Modern Art Everyday opened for business on October 31, 2006 – Halloween. It seems appropriate since opening your own business is pretty scary. But it's more successful than I could have imagined and I have no regrets.

Do you remember getting into art as a kid?

Art has always been a part of my life. I fondly remember my mom driving me to various arts and crafts stores as a kid in search of the perfect supplies.

When and why did you decide to start your own business?
After designing consumer flooring for six years, I grew tired of office politics and creative constraints. I knew I was capable of so much more. So in early 2005 I began my own business as an experiment. But it soon became obvious that it would be impossible to build a successful business while still working full-time at my "day job". So with the support of my family, I resigned from the flooring industry and became my own boss. I have never looked back!

How did you choose the name for your business?

I wanted something simple that people could remember easily. Modern Art Everyday is not only simple, but it really describes what I do; a new piece of art posted daily.

What do you love most about creating your work?
Just knowing that my art will be proudly displayed in homes around the world gives me great satisfaction.

What's the most fascinating place you've been?
Maui. I was married in a Japanese sculpture garden overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Maui. I am continually amazed at the spectacular color and beauty of nature.

A book you love:
I Know This Much is True by Wally Lamb.

What is the most interesting thing about you?
I married my next door neighbor. We lived next door to each other for six months but because of our schedules, we rarely saw each other. But then one day the U.S. Postal Service intervened and delivered some of my mail to his mailbox. He knocked on my door to return the mail and a week later he baked me cookies. Four months later we were engaged.

What achievement are you most proud of?
I am most proud of the success of Modern Art Everyday. It is a struggle to keep up with the volume of orders, and that is a nice problem to have.

What advice would you give women starting their own business?
Take risks, embrace change, believe in yourself and, most importantly, stay positive! A positive attitude makes all things possible and inspires those around you.

What's the biggest challenge you face in your work?
Time. I have so many ideas and a huge to-do list, but not enough hours in the day to attempt it all. To address this, I prioritize daily but customer satisfaction is always the top priority.

What do you love to do in your free time?
Spending time with my husband and walking my goofy lab, Charlie.

What are you working on right now?
Decorative throw pillows. I create the design, print the fabric on my Epson 7800 in my home studio, and I sew them together on my trusty Singer.

What do you hope to achieve next?
I want to continue to grow Modern Art Everyday and introduce new product offerings on a regular basis. I have built a foundation of loyal repeat customers and I have an obligation to give them a reason to keep visiting me.


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